Enhancement of Unique NFT

The enhancement gameplay for NFT equipment mainly targets the equipment's base material and affixes. Players can optimize their original equipment through methods like refinement and synthesis, thereby creating their own exclusive equipment.

For a piece of NFT equipment, there will be multiple enhancement methods available. These methods will consume corresponding special materials as well as a certain amount of Soul Spars. Each enhancement consumes one piece of special material, while the number of Soul Spars required is calculated based on the significance of the enhancement to the equipment and increases with the level of the NFT equipment.

Here's a table detailing the special materials and their uses.

Chaos Ashes

Enhances the treasure value of Chaotic Equipment.

Refinement Core

Removes existing attributes from equipment and assigns new ones.

Sublimation Core

Upgrades a piece of ordinary equipment to magical equipment.

Primal Core

Reverts magical or rare equipment back to ordinary equipment.

Brand Core

Adds a new random affix to magical equipment.equipment

Reshape Core

Removes existing attributes from rare equipment and assigns new ones.

Baptism core

Removes existing attributes from rare equipment and assigns new ones.

Base Core

Reshapes the base material attributes of equipment

Alchemy Core

Upgrades a magical item to a rare item

Divine Mark Core

Adds a new random affix to rare equipment

Stripping Core

Randomly strips an affix from equipment

Memory Core

Randomly locks an affix on equipment

Prefix Core

Resets the prefix attributes of equipment

Suffix Core

Resets the suffix attributes of equipment

Chaos Ashes can be used to increase the treasure value of another NFT equipment.

The enhancement of treasure value is an exclusive gameplay feature for NFT equipment. Chaos Ashes, obtained by dismantling NFT equipment, retain the treasure value of the original equipment. Identified equipment suffers less loss compared to unidentified equipment. Players can use Chaos Ashes to increase the treasure value of equipment based on the recorded value of the ashes, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum treasure value limit for that level of Chaos Equipment.

SERAPH offers a rich array of equipment enhancement gameplay, with specific details and probabilities to be clearly displayed within the relevant operational interfaces in the game.

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