The Story

Our world was born from flames.

As tongues of fire obscured the sky and enshrined the Crown of Life, angels and demons clashed an endless war around it.

The head deity offered supreme divinity, using the Crown’s power to strike down the demons.

Thus, light emerged from the eternal darkness.

And the defeated ones fell into the abyss, forevermore...

In the distant War of Light, the Archangel SERAPH wielded the power of the Crown of Life to drive all vanquished demons into hell, forever barred from touching the human world.

Humans erected great cities and nations upon fertile land.

Burying the blood and tears of the past in the dust.

When the trumpet of eternity sounded once more, the end of prosperity came with it. Humans gradually forgot everything, as endless wars swept across the land. The bones of warriors accumulated into generations of hate, and the tears of loved ones nourished the soil of hatred.

The crown crumbled.

Shattering into a golden rain of fire, while demons, cursed with eternal life, returned from hell.

Judgment day draws nigh.

Brave one who has returned through the mist, please hold tight to your sword.

Although the world is desolate and devoid of faith.

Although evil prevails and there is no room for benevolence.

Please follow the pure guidance

Rediscover the broken oath,

Revisit the place where we pledged our oaths.

As the new king of mankind,

Establish a new covenant.

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