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Magic Items

In the game, aside from equipment, treasure chests, and appearances, there are many other items that are more suitable for trading on the blockchain than in the in-game marketplace. These items are collectively referred to as Magic Items, belonging to the same NFT series. The series currently includes:
Soul Box: These are packages of a certain number of Soul Spars, traded through the blockchain. Crystal Chests can be opened to obtain a set amount of Soul Spars.
Equipment NFT Shards: These can be used for the synthesis of NFT equipment. Different levels and quantities of shards are required to synthesize different levels of NFT equipment.
NFT appraisal Scroll: Used to appraise unidentified NFT equipment. Once appraised, all attributes of the NFT become visible, and the player can then equip the item.
You can find much fun searching between Magic Items marketplace!