Soul Spars

Demand of Soul Spars

Soul Spars are not on-chain tokens, but they are main in-game currency that can be used to trade various items in SERAPH, and necessary consumables for some gameplay in Chaos Equipment. Soul Spars are mainly dropped in the Void Realms dungeon, and its output is related to level and difficulty of game playing of the player. The higher the Treasure Value of the Chaos Equipment, and the more Chaos Equipment you wear, the higher your level and the more difficult the challenges and the more Soul Spars you can produce.

Players can consume Soul Spars to enter the Mystery of Chaos dungeon, where they have a chance to drop new Unique NFTs.

The uses of Soul Spars in the game include:

  1. Participating in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon.

  2. Enhancing Chaos Equipment and consumption in affix gameplay that further improve the player’s combat abilities (and playing level).

  3. Buying and selling goods in the in-game marketplace.

  4. Opening a consignment stall in the in-game marketplace.

We plan to turn Soul Spars into an asset that can be traded on-chain - $SGEM. $SGEM will be on-chain in the form of inscriptions, as we see them as a cross between tokens and NFTs. Thanks to our centralized wallet, ActPass, we will be able to trade inscriptions at a very low cost, providing a safe and convenient experience for investors and gamers alike.

Acquisition of Soul Spars

Soul Spars are a core universal item in the game. Players can obtain Soul Spars as drops by consumpting Chaos Energy and defeating monsters in the Void Realms dungeon.

The Void Realms dungeon will have a reward phase setup. There is a daily limit on the number of times a player can participate in the Void Realms dungeon. Based on the remaining number of participations, the daily output from completing the Void Realms dungeon will be divided into three phases:

The actual segmentation of participation times will be determined by the game's actual implementation.

The total daily output of Soul Spars from the Void Realms dungeon has a cap, which will be flexibly adjusted based on the total number of players, NFT equipment conditions, and other factors.

Participating in the Void Realms dungeon requires the consumption of a map item. A player's actual output will depend not only on the level of the player and the difficulty of game playing but also on the map used. A player's combat attributes and gameplay will determine the efficiency of monster farming, while the quality and affixes of the map will determine the type, quantity, and combat attributes of the monsters within that map.

Among the factors that determine the total number of Soul Spars dropped, the most important thing is the Treasure Value of the NFT equipments worn by the player which determines the level and difficulty of the game play, which will determine the amount of soul spars that can be dropped.

Details will be revealed soon.

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