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Soul Spars

Demand of Soul Spars

Soul Spars are not on-chain tokens, but they are main in-game currency that can be used to trade various items in SERAPH, and necessary consumables for some gameplay in Chaos Equipment. Soul Spars are mainly dropped in the Void Realms dungeon, and its output is related to the Chaos Equipment worn by players. The higher the Treasure Value of the Chaos Equipment, and the more Chaos Equipment you wear, the more Soul Spars you can produce. Even if players don't wear Chaos Equipment, they can get a small amount of Soul Spars while playing.
Players can consume Soul Spars to enter the Mystery of Chaos dungeon, where they have a chance to drop new Unique NFTs.
The uses of Soul Spars in the game include:
  1. 1.
    Participating in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon.
  2. 2.
    Enhancing Chaos Equipment and consumption in affix gameplay.
  3. 3.
    Buying and selling goods in the in-game marketplace.
  4. 4.
    Opening a consignment stall in the in-game marketplace.
  5. 5.
    Extracting special amulets, among other uses.

Acquisition of Soul Spars

Soul Spars are a core universal item in the game. Players can obtain Soul Spars as drops by defeating monsters in the Void Realms dungeon.
The Void Realms dungeon will have a profit phase setup. There is a daily limit on the number of times a player can participate in the Void Realms dungeon. Based on the remaining number of participations, the daily output from completing the Void Realms dungeon will be divided into three phases:
Remaining Daily Participations
Soul Spar Earnings
Item Drops
Experience Gained
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
The actual segmentation of participation times will be determined by the game's actual implementation.
The total daily output of Soul Spars from the Void Realms dungeon has a cap, which will be flexibly adjusted based on the total number of players, NFT equipment conditions, and other factors. This daily cap will be evenly distributed over a certain time unit Δt, introducing a competitive time element among players for the output of Soul Spars.
Participating in the Void Realms dungeon requires the consumption of a map item. A player's actual output will depend not only on the treasure value attributes of the worn NFT equipment but also on the map used. A player's combat attributes and gameplay will determine the efficiency of monster farming, while the quality and affixes of the map will determine the type, quantity, and combat attributes of the monsters within that map.
The number of spars a single map can drop is calculated using the following formula:
E=k1k2[inaibici]E = k_1 * k_2*[\sum_i^n a_i*b_i*c_i]
k_1 is an overall adjustment parameter, maintained at the initial value of 1.
k_2 is the parameter about Void Realm maps, determined by the different gradients of the map used by the player, which can reach a maximum difference of over 10 times. (might be adjusted)
a_i represents the number of monsters on the map, which is related to the map's quality, affixes, charges, etc.
b_i represents the probability of each individual monster dropping Soul Spars, currently set at 10%.
c_i represents the number of soul spars dropped by a single monster, which is related to the type of monster and the player's treasure value.
Among the factors that determine the total number of Soul Spars dropped, the most important things are these two:
  1. 1.
    The treasure value of the NFT equipments worn by the player will determine the amount of soul spars that can be dropped.
  2. 2.
    Kill the boss. There are three types of monsters: boss, elite monsters, and normal monsters. In the current game version, most of the soul spar drops will come from boss (definitely drop).

The acquisition cap for Soul Spars

Each player will activate the maximum limit of soul spar production based on the level and quantity of NFT equipments they worn. Players can adjust their outfits at any time, and the limit amount will change dynamically based on the real-time outfit results.
When calculating the maximum limit, the player's NFT outfit need to be split into multiple groups by different levels. When the number of NFT items in same level is in different discrete intervals of [1,2], [3,4], [5,6], [7,8], [9,10], different limits are determined. The higher the level and quantity of the NFT suit, the higher the maximum value.
Ultimately, the sum of maximum limit among different groups will be chosen as the actual limit for soul spars production. For example, if a player wears 4 pieces of level 40 NFT equipment and 2 pieces of level 30 NFT equipment, it can be split into groups of 1*40, 3*40, 1*30. Among them, 3*40 has the highest limit of level-40, 1*30 has the highest limit of level-30, so the sum becomes the player's daily production limit.