Void Realms

After defeating Seraph and repairing the World Ring, players will be guided to open the entrance to The Void Realms dungeon. The Void Realms dungeon will be divided into multiple difficulty tiers (T1-T16 maps) as well as some special boss maps. Players can get T1 tickets in level 55+ outdoor maps, and higher-tier tickets can be dropped in Void Realms maps.

Each entry into the Void Realms requires the consumption of stamina and the corresponding tier's ticket. The ticket determines the map after the player enters the dungeon, which has different tiers and qualities. The map tier determines the level of the monsters faced in the dungeon, while the map quality affects the number of monsters and the map affixes. Map affixes include a variety that can affect monster attributes, increase monster drops, increase monster quantity, etc.

The Void Realms is the main production place for Soul Spars, and it can also drop more item materials and higher-level equipment.

The Void Realms can be entered as a team.

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