Player Roles & Behaviours

In the economic system of SERAPH, we have designed different experience paths for players with different preferences. Players can find the one that suits them best, or try them all!

Pure Player

SERAPH is a crypto game that all players can play for free. Players can directly experience the story, and the Void Realm dungeons. They can enjoy the complete and in-depth game content and earn rewards along the way.

Soul Spar Hunter

Players can wear NFT equipment to enter the Void Realm dungeons and drop soul spars while playing the dungeons. They can sell these soul spars in the market to make profits. They can also choose to accumulate the soul spars for several days and participate in the Mystery of Chaos dungeons.

For detailed rules on the drop of soul spars, please refer to the Soul Spars section.

Wishing you good luck in the chaotic realm!

Chest Hunter in Mystery of Chaos

If players want to produce NFT equipment or even NFT costumes from the game, they will need to play in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon. Players can directly open the chests dropped in the dungeons, or sell the chests in the market to make profits.

For detailed rules of the dungeon, see the Mystery of Chaos section.


There are a large number of in-game assets on the NFT market of SERAPH, including equipments, costumes, treasure chests, and various items. Merchants can keenly observe the price dynamics of various assets and profit from market fluctuations.

NFT Collector

The chests dropped in Mystery of Chaos contain a large number of rare items. Collectors can directly purchase chests produced by other players in the market, and open them to obtain NFT equipment, NFT costumes, and other rare items.

Leaderboard Climber

The ultimate glory of SERAPH will be temporarily determined by the Trial of Seraph dungeon. Players can challenge higher difficulties and complete the dungeon more fast to improve their ranking.

In addition to player skill, better NFT equipment is also essential. We have already experimented with 1v1 sparring match, and there will be more content added to the ranking and honor system in the future!

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