Treasure Chests

The game features various types of treasure chests, and most scarce assets are distributed as rewards in the form of these chests. Efforts are made to optimize the content design of these chests to provide players with a unique unboxing experience.

Chaos Chests dropped in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon are currently the primary type of treasure chest in the game. We are still continuously optimizing the economic and experiential design of the treasure chest, so we have not yet publicly disclosed all the details. This is not the final version, only for Chaos Legacy Test.

Drop Rules

The Chaos Chests that drop in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon are categorized based on the level of the dungeon that players challenge.

Mystery of Chaos Levels

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Chest Drops Level






Each level of the dungeon only drops the secret treasure chest corresponding to that level. Players who are able to challenge higher-level dungeons will be able to obtain higher-level chest drops, and thus open rarer rewards.

Beyond the level of the chest, there is also a distinction in quality. Within the same level of the dungeon, the higher the difficulty that players can challenge, the higher the quality of the treasure chest that will drop.

Assets in Treasure Chests

The treasure chests that drop in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon can contain items such as NFT equipment, NFT equipment shards, Chaos Energy, NFT appraisal scrolls, and Cosmetic Series NFT.

The specific probability of the items of the treasure chest will be continuously adjusted during the Chaos Legacy Test to achieve the most appropriate status in terms of economic model and loot experience. Therefore, we have decided not to disclose the exact details for the time being.

The following is a breakdown of the logical rules, and the actual numerical details are subject to various adjustments based on these rules.

Level Distinctions

Higher-level treasure chests can yield higher-level items. All the contents of the treasure chest have level distinctions. NFT equipment, NFT equipment fragments, chaos appraisal scrolls, and Chaos Reverberations having level distinctions of level 30/40/50/60/70.

There will be varying degrees of fine-tuning in the specific probability details.

Quality of Chests

The quality of the treasure chest increases in this order: Arcane Mithril Chest, Golden Holy Chest, Celestial Ultimate Chest, Void Chaotic Chest.

The higher the quality of the chest, the higher the probability of obtaining higher-level items.

Celestial Ultimate Chest and Void Chaotic Chest have the chance to yield cosmetic items. Cosmetic items are divided into cosmetic appearance Chests and Cosmetic Series NFT, with a combined probability similar to Unique NFT equipment.

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