Basic Info

Category of Equipment

There are two categories of equipment: normal and chaos. Chaos equipment will have exclusive attributes compared to normal equipments. They can also be freely traded on the blockchain, as called ‘Unique NFT’.

Quality of Equipment

There are four qualities of equipment: Ordinary, Magic, Rare, and Unique.

Ordinary equipment only has its basic name and the basic attack/defense stats without any magic affixes.

Magic equipment is imbued with magic power and typically has some magic affixes attached. An affix will add an attribute to the equipment that brings special stats.

Rare equipment has more magic affixes attached, which means they are usually more powerful.

Unique equipment is unique in-game with one-of-a-kind names and special attributes.

The diagram below illustrates these four qualities of equipment:

Level of Equipment

In SERAPH, equipment has two types of levels: item level and wearing level. The item level is the inherent level of an equipment that affects its stats. The wearing level indicates the level at which the character can wear the equipment.

Durability and Repair

In SERAPH, equipment has a Durability stat that gets consumed if used during combats. When the Durability is exhausted, the equipment becomes unusable.

Players can repair their equipments at Blacksmith NPC.

Equipment Identify

Most equipments in SERAPH are in unidentified state when they drops, which means the specific affixes and stats can not be seen. They can not be used as a matter of course. Players need to use the corresponding identify scroll to reveal the affixes, which is called ‘identify’.


Affixes are randomly generated when equipment drops. They are divided into prefixes and suffixes, each of which can add attributes bonuses to the equipment. The basic stats are determined by the equipment’s substrate, quality, and level. Chaos equipment has additional Chaos Stats.

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