Mystery of Chaos

‘Mystery of Chaos’ is a high-reward dungeon designed for hardcore players. To access it, players need to accumulate energy bars by killing various monsters in consecutive scenes. Once the energy bar is full, they can challenge the dungeon boss and receive rewards.

When the challenge in Mystery of Chaos is successful, Multiple chest drops will be obtained. There is also a chance to acquire new Unique NFTs.

How To Challenge

Players can only enter the Mystery of Chaos dungeons while wearing NFT equipment. Based on the total treasure value of the NFT equipment worn by the player, the game will recommend a corresponding level of the Mystery of Chaos dungeon.

Once inside the dungeon, players cannot change the equipment they are wearing until they successfully defeat the boss and the rewards are tallied. Each level of the dungeon has different difficulties, and challenging higher difficulty levels increases the chance of obtaining rarer treasure chest drops.

The Prize Pool

In the latest version of the Chaos Mysteries replica, we have introduced the Mysteries Prize Pool mechanism. Each time a player participates in a duplicate, a portion of the soul crystals consumed will flow into the secret prize pool. Players have a certain chance to win the Grand Prize, which will be redeemed from the dynamic prize pool for a certain percentage. If no one wins for a long period of time and the pool accumulates to a high level, the next lucky winner will be rewarded with a very generous prize! Even if a player doesn't win the Grand Prize, there are still other great prizes to be won.


Players can obtain treasure chests in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon, which can contain a variety of on-chain assets such as NFT equipment, NFT shards, fashion chests, NFT scrolls, and more. The types of treasure chests that can be dropped vary depending on the level and difficulty of the dungeon. For detailed information about the different types of treasure chests, players should refer to the Treasure Chests section in the game.

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