Trial of Seraph

After completing the main storyline, players will unlock The Trial of Seraph dungeon, where they can obtain drops such as gems and amulets. The Trial of Seraph is also the main dungeon where gems and other items drop.

The gameplay of The Trial of Seraph is basically similar to The Mystery of Chaos. However, in The Trial of Seraph, non-boss monsters do not drop items, only experience rewards. Players need to complete timed kill quests. If the kill is completed beyond the time limit, boss rewards can still be obtained, but the eligibility to unlock the challenge of the next layer will not be granted.

The Trial of Seraph allows multiple players to team up for challenges. The challenge difficulty will change depends on the number of people in the room.

In the end, The Trial of Seraph will be statistically ranked according to the number of levels cleared and the clearance time, and ranking rewards will be distributed.

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