Core Circulation

In SERAPH, the tokenomics model is divided into several modules, including the core loop module, governance module, land module, etc. These modules will be released gradually through updates to ensure that the tokenomics can match the game's content updates, and Operation Strategy. Here is a schematic diagram of the core loop module:
Players can enter the game for free and have the chance to earn rare assets outputs in the game. They can also directly purchase Unique NFTs and equipment for entry, and wearing NFT equipment will enable the production of Soul Spars in the game. Soul Spars are an important circulating item in the game, with a wide range of consumption scenarios. They are regulated through multiple adjustment parameters to hedge against inflation and manage the economy.
In addition to adding mechanisms to address issues such as malignant inflation and negative spirals, we have also adjusted and enriched the ways of earning in the game. The production of Soul Spars by NFT equipment, as a daily earning method, will be just one of the many ways of output. We have established seasonal rewards, with more incentives being allocated through player's behaviour. This is to motivate players to create their own equipment and build unique playing styles, thereby facilitating equipment trading and circulation. Additionally, we encourage opportunities for players to benefit from material acquisition and merchant arbitrage.
We aim to reach varying goals at different stages of the game by adjusting resource allocation and output distribution, and to cultivate a robust and continually evolving economic system ultimately.