Demand of Unique NFT

Unique NFTs are the primary NFT series in SERAPH, represented as Chaos Equipment in the game. Players can use Chaos Equipment to enhance their playing level, along with the possibility of acquiring more rare equipment props. Additionally, it provides more robust adaptability to certain high-difficulty dungeons.

Here are the detailed use cases of unique NFT equipment currently in the game:

  1. Compared to ordinary equipment, unique NFTs offer overall higher combat attributes, making them more desirable for all players in the game.

  2. Using NFT equipment allows players to obtain Soul Spar drops through game playing in the Void Realms dungeons. Detailed rules for acquiring Soul Spars can be found in the relevant section.

  3. Entering a higher level of the Mystery of Chaos dungeon. The treasure chests dropped in this dungeon may contain various rare on-chain assets, including new NFT equipment.

  4. In special dungeons like the Trial of Seraph, NFT equipment has better adaptability.

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