Attributes of Unique NFT

Treasure Value

Unique NFTs have two types of attributes. In addition to the basic stats, there are unique attributes known as ‘Chaos Stats’.

‘Treasure Value’ is one of the Chaos Stats. The higher the total ‘Treasure Value’ of Unique NFTs the player is wearing, the more likely they are to obtain rarer items, the more opportunities to challenge dungeons with higher difficulty levels, and be able to produce more Soul Spars.


NFT equipment in the game has specially designated level tiers, specifically at levels 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70. NFT equipment at different levels has varying expected attribute values. In terms of the treasure value attribute, the expected difference between adjacent levels of NFTs can reach approximately 3 times.

Although the equipment generation logic in the game increases the variance in attributes between individual pieces of equipment, on the whole, NFT equipment possesses combat attributes that are approximately 20 levels ahead of ordinary equipment of the same level.

Chaos Energy

Chaos energy is consumed when NFT equipment is used in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon. The remaining percentage of Chaos Energy affects the participation cost in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon. Detailed rules regarding the consumption of chaotic energy can be found in the relevant section.

Chaos energy can be replenished through special methods, the details of which will be released subsequently.


NFT equipment comes in two qualities: rare and dark gold.

Rare equipment is the most common type of NFT equipment. The attributes of rare equipment are randomly generated based on certain rules, and they can be enhanced through affix gameplay. On the other hand, Dark Gold NFT equipment has fixed attributes. Each piece of Dark Gold NFT equipment has its own unique attribute configuration and is relatively rare in the game.


To distinguish between different periods or methods of production, every piece of NFT equipment in the game has an attribute named generation. Some NFT equipment is not directly born from the game, and the generation attribute is marked as "x", which means the Genesis equipment.

The total amount of Genesis NFT equipment is 10,000, of which 3,000 are used for early public sales. As the game develops, the remaining 7,000 will be used for a specially designed rental system aimed at facilitating the influx of fiat currency into the entire system.

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