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Renewal of Whitepaper

The game is a complex, long-term iterative system. We are willing to try any changes that can improve the game. Therefore, the content presented in this white paper is not the result; it needs to be tested by players and requires continuous updates and maintenance. However, we promise that all changes will be open and transparent, and we welcome any oversight from the community.

For the Beta Test (July 4, 2023 - July 17, 2023)

This Beta Test is limited to two weeks. To give test players the best experience, we have adjusted some values and gameplay details. For detailed information about Beta Test, refer to the following link:
The changes to the white paper include:
  • Added an introduction to the game's dungeon gameplay: Mystery of Chaos, The Void of Otherworld, and The Mystery of Depths.
  • Added an introduction to the core economics loop.
  • Expanded the usage introduction of Soul Spars.
  • Added an introduction to the energy mechanism of Unique NFTs when participating in the Mystery of Chaos dungeon.

For Chaos Legacy Test (Nov 22, 2023 - )

The Chaos Legacy Test is a gold-farming test for the SERAPH game's economic system. Prior to the test (on November 19, 2023), a portion of the Genesis NFT equipment was sold. This NFT equipment can be used for farming in the game, and all new NFT equipment produced during the test period will be retained. For detailed information about this test, refer to the following link:
The content added and modified in this test includes:
  • Introduction of a new class: the Necromancer.
  • New fashion items, pets, and similar additions.
  • Changes to the entry requirements for the Mystery of Chaos dungeon: now only accessible when wearing NFT equipment.
  • Alterations to the Mystery of Chaos dungeon to now drop various types of treasure chests.
  • Adjustments to the applications related to Soul Spars and $SRF tokens.
Temporary adjustments specific to this test include:
  • Players with a treasure value of 0 can still drop a small amount of Soul Spars. The official version will continue to provide a free path for producing Soul Spars, but the method of distribution may change.
  • Soul Spars will be allowed to be packaged and put on the blockchain for trading as NFTs.
  • Equipment NFTs and Cosmetic NFTs produced during this test will be retained, but the others will be replaced. There will be corresponding activities for compensation.